Marketing Consultancy Tender

Marketing Consultancy for the Technology Supply Chain as Part of the West Midlands Health Tech Innovation Accelerator

The Technology Supply Chain invites qualified and experienced marketing consultancy firms to submit proposals for the services outlined in this document. The successful company will play a crucial role in helping West Midlands HealthTech businesses to grow by enhancing their branding and marketing.  They will also support the growth of those businesses looking to supply into this vital and growing sector. 

I. Introduction to the WMHTIA

The West Midlands Health Tech Innovation Accelerator (WMHTIA) sets out to tackle the challenges companies face when bringing new technologies to the market. 

The programme unites a collaborative network of expertise across industry, NHS and universities that will help pioneering businesses navigate the key stages of medical translation.  Through a centrally coordinated series of activities, this government-funded initiative will streamline the process of converting technologies from concept to real-world implementation.

The programme has forged a collaborative partnership of expertise that will help participants navigate the challenges of bringing new healthcare devices, diagnostics and digital innovations to the market.

WMHTIA’s approach provides comprehensive support at every stage of innovation development, by bringing together a range of regional partners with complementary expertise. From initial business planning and bespoke programmes of training, through to assisted prototyping and real-world NHS testing services.

The WMHTIA’s wide-reaching network can also provide access to nationwide infrastructure and links to the international trade market.

Key measures for the project include innovation and the growth (in terms of turnover and employees) of West Midlands-based businesses that operate in or supply into the HealthTech sector.

The partners in the project include: University Hospitals Birmingham, University of Birmingham, BCU, Aston University, WMG, the MTC, Medilink, PHTA, the West Midlands Growth Company, Azets, Acuwomen, Birmingham Health Partners, Bruntwood, Cogniss, Element, Shoosmiths, Smallfry, the University of Warwick, WM Health and Wellbing Innovation Network and the Technology Supply Chain.

The WMHTIA is delivered in partnership with the Department of Science and Technology. Innovate UK and West Midlands Combined Authority.

II. The Technology Supply Chain

The TSC is a Community Interest Company which offers membership to West Midlands manufacturing, engineering and technology companies.  The TSC currently has over 4,000 members. 

The TSC supports West Midlands manufacturing, engineering and technology companies with:

  1. Finance- including finding grant writing, finding investors, raising funding etc. 
  2. Business Building- including finding opportunities and tenders, brokering business relationships, attracting and retaining talent etc.
  3. Growth– including connecting with new customers, strategic partners, suppliers etc.


The Technology Supply Chain (TSC) is one of the delivery partners in the West Midlands Health Tech Innovation Accelerator.  As a partner, we will be supporting West Midlands HealthTech companies and those looking to enter the sector in the above areas.

We require a marketing consultancy to support the growth of participants with branding and marketing.


III. Scope of Work

The successful company will be required to:


  1. Develop a one-day workshop on branding and marketing tailored for businesses in or aspiring to enter the HealthTech sector.
  2. Deliver the workshop three times during the contract period, on dates agreed upon with the tech
  3. Provide one-to-one marketing consultancy sessions to a total of 60 companies within the HealthTech space.
  4. Assist 10 selected companies in developing comprehensive marketing strategies including defining their market messaging and launching or boosting their product.


The work needs to boost the sales of the participating businesses within 12 months.


IV. Contract Duration

The contract will commence on 8th January 2024 and conclude on 31st March 2025.

V. Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for consideration, respondents must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be based in the West Midlands.
  2. Be VAT registered.
  3. Demonstrate a proven track record of helping businesses grow through effective marketing strategies.


VI. Proposal Submission

Interested parties are invited to submit their proposals by 6 pm on 3rd January.  Late submissions will not be considered. Proposals should be sent to Dr. Richard Fallon at

VIII. Proposal Evaluation

The evaluation process will take place on 4th January.  The contract will be awarded to the respondent with the highest overall score.  All respondents will be notified of the result by midday on Friday 5th January.


IX. Additional Information

In answer to the questions submitted:

Where will the workshops be held?

Two of the workshops will be held in Birmingham.  The TSC will cover the costs of the venue and catering.  Workshops should run from 9:30 am-4 pm.  The second workshop will be virtual and you may choose to run this as two half days.

How long would you envisage the 1-on-1 consultancy sessions to be?

These could be as short as 30 minutes but we would prefer 1-hour or 2-hour sessions. This is the participant’s chance to get their questions answered along with some starting ideas.  These can be done virtually or in person.

In terms of the marketing strategies for the 10 companies, will our fees for this be covered as part of the proposal?

Your fees for creating the marketing strategies should form part of your proposal.

Is there a geographical area in addition to the healthcare sector?

Yes, businesses must be located in the West Midlands.

Are there more detailed outputs & outcomes for the programme?

There are numerous outputs and outcomes for the programme.  The focus for this work is increasing sales and creating jobs.

How many case studies do I need to include in my tender?

We suggest 3 but you can provide more as appropriate.  You should cite appropriate companies you have worked with and a few sentences on how you supported them and the results.

What will be the mix of participating companies?

Companies involved can be start-ups, scale-ups or established companies that have developed a new product or service or that want to enter the Health Tech market.

How are the 10 companies chosen for additional support?

The 10 companies are chosen on potential.  We will select the more established companies that are already selling and need a boost.  

How do you define comprehensive?
As we have indicated the budget, comprehensive is best defined by the supplier, i.e. what you can offer within the bounds of the budget.


You are invited to submit a total fee for the project or a set fee for developing and delivering the workshops and strategies along with an hourly rate for the consultancy work.  We expect total fees to be between £60,000 and £80,000 (exc. VAT).


Payments will be evenly spread across the 15 months and paid monthly in arrears.  The final two payments will be withheld until all work is complete.  

For any inquiries or additional information, If you have any queries, please e-mail Richard Fallon at by 5 pm on 29th December.

We look forward to receiving your proposals and working together to advance the HealthTech sector in the West Midlands.

You are invited to contact the Technology Supply Chain at:

Phone: 0778 9952251



The Studio,

4th Floor,

Avebury House,

55 Newhall Street,


B3 3RB

We look forward to hearing from you.

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