Sound project management is vital for the successful on-time, within-budget delivery of any significant project.  Many MDs and business owners run their own projects.  If you run your own projects, then you will find this playbook courtesy of TSC member, John Williams, very useful.

You are invited to download the Project Excellence PM Playbook from ProjExc PM Consultants here. ProjExc are more than happy for you to use this document for you projects. We do respectfully ask that you respect the rights of the authors and maintain attribution to ProjExc on any copies.

The PM Playbook is intended as a unique guide to using a simple, streamlined, world class project management lifecycle. It provides useful templates to help new and experienced project managers  along the project journey.

The playbook incorporates the core techniques and artefacts used by project managers in many high- performing PM organisations. It is applicable to all kinds of project – business change projects, strategic transformation, new product development, infrastructure projects, and delivery projects. The playbook works equally well for traditional projects as it does for more agile development, and for large or smaller organisations.

There are 3 distinct phases to a project:

The execution stage will see the vast majority of the project activity.

The core project management tasks (as opposed to leadership of the project) are shown as:

  1. planning,
  2. control & reporting (during execution), and
  3. review and close.

In the Project Management Playbook, we include 5 key templates for managing your project:

If you need any help in applying the Project Excellence PM Playbook, or with any project, programme or portfolio related challenges do get in touch with one of the team at ProjExc. You can find us and much more, including how we can help with collaborative innovation projects at

Alternatively, you might want to assign someone else to running a project for your business. This allows you to focus your time on running and growing the business. Please let me know if you would like to discuss getting some support.

Wishing you every success!

John Williams- The ProjExc Team.


Tel: 0121 222 5744

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