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The Technology Supply Chain is a fully funded membership group of manufacturing, engineering and technology companies and those who work with them formed by Aston University.

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The mission of the Technology Supply Chain is to support the continued growth and success of UK manufacturing, engineering and technology companies.

We are achieving this by bringing together the resources available to these firms including support from companies, Universities and organisations. We are also:

  • Educating them in the array of solutions, funding and funded support available to them.
  • Explaining the proven technologies that can help them, their customers and their prospects in easily understood terms focusing on the benefits on offer.
  • Helping them to make the connections they need to succeed.


Our vision is to help increase the the GVA across the manufacturing, engineering and technology sectors. Manufacturing currently accounts for 11% of our GVA with engineering and technology accounting for 26% of the GVA.

Our vision is to help accelerate the growth of the engineering and technology sectors and increase the GVA from manufacturing to above 12%.


The Technology Supply Chain focuses on four core values.

These are the values that guide our decision making process, our choice of members and what we expect from them.  We work hard to preserve these values and ensure they are reflected by our members.  are constantly seeking ways to better serve our members.

  1. Professionalism– Our professionalism is reflected through a combination of competence, our professional attitude and our dedication to delivery. We believe that effectiveness is paramount. We choose our members based on their professionalism.
  2. Trust Trust forms the foundation of every successful organisation. This is refelcted in 3 ways.  (1) We build relationships that are in the interests of all involved. (2) We are honest in our communications and in our conduct. (3) We follow through on what we say we will do and when we say we will do it.
  3. Passion- We bring drive, energy and fun to our mutually supportive membership.  We believe that success depends on these factors.
  4. Community We are seeking long-term relationships with our members and between our members.  The success of the Technology Supply Chain is dependent on us creating a strong community that members can rely on for support. 
  5. Knowledge– Knowledge is power. The Technology Supply Chain is dependent on us and our members effectively sharing knowledge and information on the choices, solutions and funding available.


The Technology Supply Chain is powered by AiPT which is part of Aston University.  AiPT stands for the Aston Institute of Photonics Technology. The biggest question that most business owners have is what is photonics?

Electronics are a big part of our modern life.  Electronic devices, e.g. computers, phones, remote controls etc. work by controlling electrons.  Photonics is about controlling photons which are particles of light- photo is the Greek word for light. This embraces lasers, optical fibres and other light technologies. Photonics is already in use in your life from providing broadband to your office and home to forming the “needle” which plays your CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs.

Photonics is seen as an enabling technology and provides a range of solutions from sensing temperature, strain, gases, blood sugar levels and magnetic fields to the use of lasers for welding, drilling, cutting, and various methods of surface modification.

AiPT is keen to help manufacturing, engineering and technology firms to embrace the opportunities available to them.  They are doing this by creating the Technology Supply Chain through the Big Data Corridor project. This covers all the solutions that Aston University and its partners can provide businesses with.


We have the combined experience to get the results you want.


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