Why Contact Us?

We are always delighted to hear from our members, partners and patrons as well as those interested in finding out more about we can help their business to grow.

5 Reasons to Contact Us

If you want to grow your business or help others achieve their goals, then here are 5 reasons to contact us:

1.    We are dedicated to helping manufacturing, engineering and technology companies and those that support them to create the wealth and employment opportunities that our country needs.

2.    We are passionate about bringing companies together and giving them the information, support and connections they need to achieve their goals.

3.    We firmly believe that businesses can grow by supporting each other and making the most of the grants, free support and opportunities available to them.

4.    We will show you how universities and organisations can help your business for free.  Many companies are unaware of the practical, funded business support that these organisations can provide.

5.    We will connect you with new customers, new suppliers and new ideas which will help you to innovate and grow.

You are invited to contact the Technology Supply Chain at:

Phone: 0121 232 8630 

E-mail: [email protected]


Grosvenor House,

11 St Paul’s Square,


B3 1RB

We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact Our Team Directly

We are always happy to hear from our members, partners and patrons. Please contact us directly through our mobile or individual email addresses.

Dr. Richard Fallon


An engineer by background, Richard is an experienced business analyst and a veteran marketing consultant. Richard is responsible for discovery calls and delivering for our members and partners.  He is also the lead for the Innovation Awards.

Tel: 0778 9952251 

E-mail: [email protected] 

Prof. Paul Cadman


Paul is a multi-award winning manufacturer and business leader.  Paul is in charge of strategy and ensuring our members and Patrons are achieving their goals.  He also arranges our political and exclusive dinners and social events. 

Tel: 07792 540778  

E-mail: [email protected] 

Paul Lock


Paul was the Creative Director for WPP- the world’s largest marketing agency. He has helped a range of well-known brands to grow including BP, IBM, the Royal Mail, Sky, Microsoft and many others.  Paul is a growth expert.  He digs into a business.  He helps them to get to the root of their growth issues and move forward.  Marketing is about much more than communication.  You need to have everything aligned for growth and Paul has this down to a fine art.  

Tel: 07702 794482 

E-mail: [email protected] 

Lakh Singh

Finance Bureau Director

Lakh has worked for several major High Street banks and has cultivated a wide array of financial connections across the West Midlands, the UK, Europe and the US.  If there is finance available for a venture, business or project, whether debt or equity, Lakh will find the best options for you.  

Lakh and the TSC are currently campaigning to make it easier for our members to find funding and finance.   

Tel: 07985 588178 

E-mail: [email protected] 

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