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Benefits of Membership

The Technology Supply Chain is a fully funded membership.  It offers a range of benefits to manufacturing, engineering and technology companies and those who work with them.


The Technology Supply Chain was set up to help meet the needs of manufacturing, engineering and technology companies and those who work with them.

Manufacturing has traditionally had a supply chain in terms of who provides the needed components to make their products and who they sell to.  The technology supply chain goes ones step further and looks at all the products and services a business needs through its lifecyle from funding and legal advice through business consultancy and recruitment to sales and marketing.

..various groups look after specific sectors..

There are various groups that look after the interest of specific sectors for example Made in the Midlands for manufacturers, Silicon Canal for technology companies, Downtown in Business for professionals etc.

However, there is minimal interaction between these groups. The Technology Supply Chain is seeking to bring the relevant companies together and educate everyone in speaking the same language.


Members enjoy a range of benefits including:

  • Fully funded workshops which highlight the innovative solutions available to members, their clients and their prospects. Find new ways to get rid of old frustrations or to take your business to the next level.
  • Fully funded support for IT and technology solutions tailored to your business helping you to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your business
  • A dedicated project manager to assess your requirements as well as the funded support available to you. Discover little known funding that can help your business.
  • Valuable introductions and connections– we will make introductions for you and help you make connections you need and want.
  • Promotion of your company on our web site and through our channels. Find more of the customers and trusted suppliers you want.
  • Access to a co-ordinated membership of like-minded potential customers, suppliers and strategic partners.  Transform your business with a trusted network.
  • Regular events and exhibitions for you to meet and mingle with fellow members.  Meet and build lasting relationships with people who understand you and the challenges you face.
  • Regular newsletters, updates and articles- we will be sharing useful articles, videos and e-books from members which will help you with your business.


There are many organisations and funds that support UK businesses.  These range from the Manufacturing Technology Centre and Innovate UK through UK catapults and LEP funding to local Universites and research funding. However, there has been no one central resource to find all the information and contacts in one place.

The Technology Supply Chain aims to bring the details of all of these together in one place for you, your customers and your prospects. This is a major project and we’ll be adding connections to our useful links page as we collect their details.


We have the combined experience to get the results you want.


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